Complete OEM /ODM Solution
A Complete OEM /ODM Services :
  • A unique opportunity to access to exceptional capabilities of a world class Manufacturing company.
  • Efficiency, Quality and reliability : you can depend upon.
  • Experienced and professional team.
  • Global procurement and logistics.
  • Strong customer oriented business values.
  • A service you can trust.
Sheet Metal Press Parts

For Sheet Metal Pressed Components we are a full service company right from product design, tool development specializing in custom fabricated components.

Press Lines:
  • Our expertise in sheet metal parts manufacturing is unparalleled.
  • We have latest C-Frame and H-Frame Presses from 30T to 400T
  • We have capability to manufacture high precision sheet metal press components
Weld Lines:
  • We posses wide range of modern weld equipment comprising of stationary and portable spot welding, MIG / TIG Welding, IT Gun Welding, and special purpose welding machines.
  • We also have 2-P and 4-P Bending Machines, Caulking Machines and SPM's.
Surface Treatment:
  • We have a State of art Powder coating facility with a 8-Tank pre-treatment process.
  • The surface treatment facilities are eco-friendly.
  • The latest design imported electro-static painting guns are used, to ensure a better paint transfer efficiency and minimal wastage of paint, resulting in better conservation of environment
Plastic Injection Moulding

A true customer centric OEM Parts supplier, at par with global standards, We have equipped our manufacturing unit with modern machines and technology for producing top of the line plastic parts.
Production Capability / Manufacturing Expertise:

  • The modern fully equipped moulding shop is designed to meet variety of needs.
  • The company has installed high end injection moulding machines ranging from 150Ton to 800 Ton.
  • The Plastic materials processed range from LDPE, HDPE, PP, HIPS to plain and filled grades of ABS, Nylons, POM, PBT, Polycarbonate and High Heat Engineering plastics (PEEK & PPS).
  • All  machines are equipped with essential auxiliary equipment required for precision moulding like mould temperature controller, chiller, hot runner temperature controller etc.
Post Moulding Operations:

The moulded parts are Painted, Printed, Plated or Assembled as per customer requirement. Two painting lines and flexible assembly lines cater to many thousand units per day. The assembly lines are highly flexible hence adaptable to rapidly changing schedules.

Tool Room:

  • To achieve unmatched precision, moulds are developed from local as well as
  • international sources as per the requirements of various OEM's. The company has been associated with leading tool manufacturer of Korea & China to get best quality moulds.
  • In addition, we have a maintenance tool room in-house.
Testing facilities:
  • The company is equipped with reputed brand of test equipment. A modern test lab with latest equipment supports the company's commitment to quality.
  • Apart from regular quality and performance tests, all critical products are tested on special testing equipment. The company also implements modern analytical techniques and quality planning processes System Tubing for Air – Con.
Copper Tubing
Multi Flow Condenser
Final Assembly for Living Appliances

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